Where Are Quat-Based Disinfectants Used?

hospitalAt Home

On non-porous surfaces such as floors, counter tops, appliances, walls, toilet areas and fixtures.

In Healthcare Settings

On hard non-porous surfaces in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, including nursing homes and medical research laboratories.

For Commercial Applications

Registered for use in food handling/food storage establishments for use on the premises and on equipment, in flower shops, and for industrial premises and equipment. Other commercial sites include funeral homes, athletic facilities, hotels, barber and beauty shops, convenience and grocery stores, offices, laundromats, correctional facilities, emergency vehicles and transportation terminals.

In Schools

On non-porous high touch surfaces in schools and daycare centers, libraries, gymnasiums, locker rooms and other areas where children and others convene. Disinfection in schools after routine cleaning helps control outbreaks of communicable diseases.

On The Farm

Used in hatcheries, swine/poultry/turkey farms, dressing plants, farrowing barns, mushroom operations, citrus farms, and animal housing facilities.