A disinfectant that kills COVID-19 may not be strong enough to kill other microorganisms. …During cold and flu season, you want products that kill rhinovirus, enterovirus, RSV, and influenza A and B.  Experts recommend targeted hygiene, wherein disinfecting occurs before and after instances of high traffic. In a school, custodians would disinfect high-touch points before students arrive, then again after lunch and at the day's end.

Formulations are available that kill a range of pathogens.  These are listed on the product label.   As the author suggests, a disinfectant that can kill COVID-19 may not be effective against other hardier microorganisms under the same conditions. Look for formulations registered by the EPA to kill flu norovirus, staph, E. coli, MRSA, Salmonella and others.  If products can handle these harder-to- kill pathogens, they will also be able to kill Covid.