Environmental Impact Study

  • “…Quats are largely removed from wastewater through biodegradation and sorption to wastewater biosolids,...”
  • “Quats are largely removed during wastewater treatment, and those residues discharged in treated effluent are likely to rapidly bind to suspended solids or sediments, thus mitigating their toxicity."
  • “Because of their biocidal properties, disinfectant Quats are heavily regulated for human and environmental safety around the world.”
  • “Numerous regulatory bodies around the world have affirmed the safety of disinfectant Quats under current use conditions, including use as an active antimicrobial ingredient in consumer and commercial cleaning products.”

DeLeo PC et al. Assessment of ecological hazards and environmental fate of disinfectant quaternary ammonium compounds. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Volume 206, 15 December 2020, 111116.