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Controlling certain germs is challenging

Tests with hydrogen peroxide and quaternary ammonium compounds show efficacy

Reducing hospital acquired infections

EPA has well-defined rules for testing products to  assure that the products work against specific germs and in specific situations. Always use EPA-registered products according to directions for dependable disinfection.

Formulations are the key

Disinfectant ingredients are sometimes combined to enhance the ability of the product to kill specific pathogens (germs)

No matter the Covid variant, it is susceptible

Results demonstrate… complete infectious viral inactivation

Effective against the pathogen that causes COVID

Various quat-based formulations are shown to work quickly against the pathogen that causes COVID

Quaternary ammonium compounds promptly inactivate the virus that causes COVID

Quat-based products are effective and practical for healthcare use

Disinfectants in schools

Illness cost-estimates, survey results on continued disinfection practices and tips for selecting effective products

Effective against CoV-2

Reduce risk of hard surface transmission of COVID

Transmission from hard surfaces and disinfection strategies

Understanding the transfer of viruses

Types of pathogens

Quats are effective against more than 140 different pathogens

Evaluation of home disinfectants

Disinfectants for tough-to-kill pathogens (germs)

“Green” products are typically cleaners not disinfectants

Don’t be misled by “green” products.  MOST do not kill pathogens