The rule of thumb in the cleaning industry has been to use disinfectants that have a 5-log kill.   …Disinfectant products work best when applied to a clean surface. Another commonly overlooked step is not allowing the disinfectant to stay wet on the surface for the required contact time.

Cleaning and Maintenance Management Disinfection Protocols for Public Buildings Feb 23, 2022.

Product formulations with broad kill claims are typically used.  Efficacy is indicated by a higher log number, like 5-log, as mentioned by the author. This is a technical term used to convey the ability of the disinfectant to remove nearly all specific pathogens.  Cleaning services responsible for public buildings should select a hospital grade low level disinfectant formulation with the ability to kill norovirus and other non-enveloped viruses such as polio.  These types of products readily kill COVID, Ebola and other pathogens.