The ADBAC/DDAC Task Force Comments

Comments are on the latest publication by Melin et al. in Reproductive Toxicology

The most recent study by Melin et al, in which mice were dosed with excessive quantities of concentrated quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs) should be viewed with grave doubt concerning the validity of the study methods and results. The study itself repeats improper research methods seen in the authors’ previous work, including significant shortcomings in study design and data analysis and the failure to follow Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

The authors appear to have ignored the difference between overt acute toxicity and a relevant compound-related effect on mammalian functions, including fertility. Lastly, the study conclusions ignore “real world” experience and scientific scrutiny over more than 30 years demonstrating the safety of QACs which are used safely every day in products including household disinfectants.

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