You are probably asking yourself, what is a Quat?

“Quats” is the nickname used for quaternary ammonium compounds. Their disinfectant properties have been recognized for nearly 100 years. Quats have a common molecular structure. (Think of a basic car with interchangeable fenders.) Changing the basic molecule changes the characteristics of the compound and gives quats the ability to be used in a wide variety of household, institutional, and industrial products. These products range from disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaners to wood preservatives, fabric softeners and personal care products. Quat-based disinfectants and sanitizers are used in medical facilities, food service operations, water treatment, and many industrial applications. They are also used to control algae in ponds and other aquatic environments.

What is the purpose of this site?

You’ll find valuable information here about quaternary ammonium compounds known as “quats.”  This site focuses on ADBAC and DDAC quat chemistries, which when formulated with other ingredients, create products to clean, deodorize, sanitize, and disinfect in hospitals, restaurants, schools, office buildings and in our homes.

Other types of quats are excellent preservatives for cosmetics and lotions.  Still others are formulated as cleaners in shampoos and detergents and as surfactants found in fabric softeners. There are also a variety of industrial applications.  Some quats are effective  preservatives for wood used outdoors.

So, let’s Learn More

Eliminate Surface Viruses

Looking for a product that will kill Norovirus and other related non-enveloped viruses?

The following list includes products that have been registered by EPA for efficacy against norovirus and related viruses such a enterovirus, rotavirus, and polio. All of these products are “hospital grade” products that have been recommended by the EPA and CDC for use against Ebola virus, as well.